Faculty/Instructor – [Centre for Digital Media, Vancouver, BC] 2017-present

  • Supervise graduate student project teams on various industry projects (providing support on design, project management, design sprints, agile/scrum methods)
  • Teach courses (creating syllabus, managing course, instructing graduate students, face-to-face instruction, online learning (i.e., Canvas), blended-learning, student assessment) 
  • Program Curriculum development

Courses taught:

DMED 500: Foundations of Digital Media

DMED 521 & 522: Special Projects in Digital Media II and III

DMED 530 & 531: Internship I and II

DMED 540: Foundations of Teaching Digital Media: Becoming a Digital Media Instructor

Average Ratings (Graduate Courses)
Delivery Method Number of coursesNumber of StudentsInstructors Score
Face to Face101904.8

Sessional Instructor— [The University of British Columbia] 2014-2017

  • Creating syllabus, managing courses, instructing undergraduate and graduate students in the Faculty of Education (Media and Technology Studies courses)
  • Face-to-face instruction, online instruction (LMS or CMS systems – i.e., Connect/Canvas), blended-learning, student assessment, co-teaching with other faculty (Professors, Graduate Students, Post-Doctoral)
  • Expertise in: instructional design, curriculum design, pedagogical thinking, 21st century learning, social media, media study guides, educational technologies (hardware and software, content creation, etc.)

Courses taught:

EDUC 481: Media Studies (Across the Curriculum)

EDCP 590: Graduating Paper DMED530: Internship

EDCP 508: Review of Research in Curriculum and Pedagogy

EDUC 450, 451, 452: Inquiry I, II, and III Secondary Cohort

EDCP 473: Digital Media in ICT

EDCP 470: ICT Practices in Education (21st Century Learning)

EDCP 371: Integrating Design & Technology Across the Curriculum: Elementary/Middle Years

Face to Face
Average RatingsNumber of coursesNumber of StudentsInstructors Score
Graduate Courses4724.4
Undergraduate Courses6654.5

Graduate Teaching Assistant — [The University of British Columbia] 2014-2016

  • Assist in course related activities, i.e, reading documents, preparing course readings, and technology assistant (multi-platforms, multiple devices, variety of software and apps, online blogs, websites, wikis, social media, etc.)


  • ETEC 511 Foundations of Educational Technology (100 graduate students)
  • EDCP 510 Video Ethnography in Education Research: Culture, Technology & Interpretation (9 graduate students)
  • EDCP 601a Doctoral Seminar in Curriculum and Pedagogy: History and Theory (12 graduate students)
  • EDCP 374 + 377 Design and Technology I and II: Secondary (23 undergraduate students)

Teacher — [Abbotsford School District] 2008-2014

  • BC College of Teachers certification
  • Grades 6-8 (incl. STEM education, and project-based learning)
  • Extra-curricular: Basketball Coach, Choir/Choral Director, Drama Director, IT committee, WEB coordinator
  • Technology Leader/District Digital Ambassador (multi-platform hardware (smartboards, document cameras, etc.), software, and content creation; virtual school certification)