My research endeavors have centered on the development of curricula with a specific emphasis on experiential learning within the realm of digital media. My primary focus has been on the utilization of innovative technologies to enhance educational practices, investigating how individuals employ media and technology as tools for both learning and teaching. In collaboration with researchers, my work has delved into diverse teaching and learning practices.

During my tenure at the CDM, I concurrently held three postdoctoral fellowships, each dedicated to exploring innovative technologies in education within virtual spaces. These fellowships have afforded me valuable insights that continue to inform my research endeavors. Notably, in collaboration with my fellow researchers, we conducted a comprehensive study examining the pedagogical adaptations made by technology education teachers in British Columbia during the transition to remote teaching necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, as a co-applicant, I secured a SSHRC Insight Development Grant, focusing on the creation of a serious game in STEM tailored for middle school students. This project aims to assess the efficacy of formative assessment practices within the context of the game.

In alignment with an applied research framework, my ongoing research agenda revolves around the exploration of curriculum and pedagogical strategies within diverse educational settings involving media and technology.

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My current research interests include: storytelling; media studies; entertainment; immersive technologies (virtual/augmented/mixed/extended reality); digital learning and curriculum; design studies; design and technology; agile methodolgoies; educational technologies; film studies; research design and method; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM); curriculum studies research; and pedagogical approaches to instruction.


Michael Smith Health Research Convening and Collaborating Award [c2-2023-3491] Researcher 15,0002023-2025
SSHRC: Agency for Learning in Immersive Virtual Environments [435-2022-0880] Investigator399,0032022-2027
SFU Teaching and Learning Grant (Primary Investigator)5,0002021
Designing for People student showcase – Highest impact award (Supervisor)3002021
Bard on the Beach Volunteer of the Yearn/a2019
SCORE: Strengthening the Core fund for innovation (SFU) (Primary Invesitgator)5,0002019
Niantic Developer Contest75,0002019
Vancouver UX awards Student Division (Co-Supervisor)n/a2018
Mitacs Accelerate Postdoctoral Grant15,0002018
Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology (WWEST) (Co-Investigator)2,5002017
UBC Michael Smith Laboratories (Co-Investigator)2,5002017
Wendy K. Sutton Early Childhood Literacy Award1,5002017
UBC Curriculum and Pedagogy Department Travel Grant Award2502017
UBC Graduate Student Travel Grant Award #65795002016
UBC Faculty of Education Graduate Award #643813,3542014-2016