Portfolio Projects

Interactive Extended Realities (XR) Exploration

I have done extensive work within Augmented, Virtual, Mixed, Extended Realities (AR/VR/MR/XR). Focusing on interactive extended realities. XR, as a layer on top of our reality, is finding its place in media arts. Prevalent not only in the gaming industry, XR has crossed the boundaries into education, museums, installation, simulation training, and media art spaces, amongst many more.

Extended Reality Spectrum

Working with Niantic International and a team of 9, I had the opportunity to create a geo-location AR experience. This tested the role of “camera on” and “camera off” AR. Using a specialized ARDK, multiple plays can interact in the same space.

MRingmaster is a MR project focusing on creating a performance design tool for show creators who need to design, implement, preview, and control live digital performances. Using Magic Leap and the Unreal engine, show creators will be able to instantly preview changes to placement, timing, and other properties of objects and events during rehearsal.

Through creative supervision, this project focused specifically on VR headsets (Occulus Quest). The team re-created the Berlin Memorial (Holocaust-Mahnmal). The purpose of this is create an interactive VR piece that would travel to museums and schools around North America.

AR has become fairly prevalent for children. Games like Pokemon Go push the boundaries of AR experiences. Founded in empathy building, this designed experience, uses AR exploration & collection games. Children locate creatures, learn about them, and use that information to earn their trust and retrieve them.

Virtual environments are also a part of extended reality experiences. Using mobile apps to create playful environmental games or 3D virtual environments to create serious games and training. Both find the balance between educational and entertainment.