PhD Research

My PhD research:

For my dissertation research, I studied how young children interact with each other and digital devices in classroom settings. My research focused on the ways theory of mind (ToM) and prosocial behaviours of sharing manifest among preschool-aged children interacting with iPads. In this empirical study I designed a teaching intervention and used a mixed methods approach with design-based research (DBR) strategies, video ethnography for data collection, and repeated measures for quantitative analysis. The study’s findings underscore the importance of exploring in situ children’s ToM, using point of view wearable cameras, and the need for continued research to understand short and long-term implications of children’s interactions with new media and technology.

Ralph, R. (2017). Sharing is caring : prosocial behaviours, theory of mind, and media and technology in early childhood education. (Doctor of Philosophy), The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.

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