Media and Technology in Preschool Classrooms: Manifesting Prosocial Sharing Behaviours When Using iPads

This empirical case study investigated prosocial sharing behaviours when using media and technology, i.e., iPads. The following research questions were explored: (1) How do prosocial behaviours of sharing manifest among preschool-aged children interacting with iPads? (2) What are the effects of iPad use on the manifestation of prosocial sharing behaviours among preschool-aged children? The study is grounded in social exchange and social learning theories. It employed a mixed methods approach with design-based research (DBR) and video ethnography. This paper focuses on a field study group (n = 3) (4 years old) and one teacher in an early childhood education (ECE) setting. Activities with and without iPads were tested. Data were analyzed using qualitative open-thematic coding methods and quantitative statistical methods. Results indicated that incidents of prosocial behaviours occurred more often than nonsocial or antisocial behaviours. This research can influence changes in ECE curriculum and policy to include more digital integration.

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