XR projects

In Spring 2021, I mentored 2 teams on XR projects. These 2 teams pushed the virtual space and created 2 amazing educational and immersive learning environments.

The FlashoVR team (http://blogs.thecdm.ca/flashovr) will be building a serious fire investigation training game that will be used as an immersive educational and reviewing tool for Justice Institute of BC’s students & instructors, specifically for their Fire Cause & Origin Level II class. Through this computer-based training experience, fire investigation trainees will be learning how to follow step-by-step safety & evidence collection protocols at the burn site. With its first-person controls, JIBC students will be able to virtually navigate through various burn sites, in order to photograph & collect evidence for the fire investigation scenarios. The instructors will also be able to evaluate the students’ performance through screen recordings.


The Emotion Bots team (http://blogs.thecdm.ca/emotionbots)was challenged to create a fun and engaging AR exploration & collection game set in the Alpha Squad universe, with an emotional intelligence slant. A group of adorable alien animals have escaped the Alpha-1 spaceship and have scattered on Earth. It’s up to you to locate them, learn about them, and use that information to earn their trust and retrieve them.


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